Something is going wrong in Europe – this is our seventh year in the crisis. Austerity policies that benefit few and harm many are to be blamed, as decision makers are resorting to the wrong measures to end the crisis. Some don’t know any better, while others cannot make their voices heard. That has been the case so far – but we can change things! Join the fight to end austerity! Are you in?

It’s time to act: Let’s make September 19th the international day to end austerity.

Austerity means heavy budget cuts.These policies do not work, as the past few years have shown. Economic performance has declined, unemployment has risen and social security systems have been dismantled. Austerity has therefore failed.

Taking action together

We want to bring about change by working together with you and your organization. We will be sending many strong signals against neoliberal austerity policies from all over Europe. Our goal is to stop austerity, to discuss alternatives for Europe and to finally implement them. Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s time to act: let’s fight against austerity.

Strict austerity measures are still being introduced in response to the crisis. This has to stop – it won’t work! We demand new ways to end the crisis. Get active! #stopausterity