Understanding Austerity and Neoliberalism – Video collection

The politics of Austerity and its underlying ideology, Neoliberalism, are highly complex and sometimes difficult to understand. That’s why we put together a collection of YouTube videos to help you grasp the topic better. Sit back and enjoy!


1. Mark Blyth – Quick Introduction to Austerity; Length: 00:05:34

2. Wendy Brown on how Neoliberalism threatens democracy by influencing our life in all its aspects;
Length: 00:19:41

3. Steve Keen explains why promoting Austerity is naïve;
Length: 00:08:36

5. Mark Blyth: Why Austerity is a dangerous idea;
Length: 01:07:00

6. LSE Debate: Inequality Matters – what austerity policies have to do with oppression based on gender and race;
Lenght 01:31:28


7. “A she-(re) cession” – What does austerity mean for women in Europe?”; Length: 00:02:48



8. Europas Finanzsystem verstehen von Austerität bis Zahlungsausfall; Länge 01:14:36

9. Wie Kürzungspolitik die Eurokrise verschärft;
Länge 00:04:09