#StopAusterity Radar Nr.1


This is the first of our #StopAusterity Radar Series where we will collect and summarize a variety of articles on the topic of austerity politics in Europe. It serves as a summary of information for those interested in critical perspectives on austerity and its social, economic and political consequences. For this #StopAusterity Radar we have… Continue

Understanding Austerity and Neoliberalism – Video collection


The politics of Austerity and its underlying ideology, Neoliberalism, are highly complex and sometimes difficult to understand. That’s why we put together a collection of YouTube videos to help you grasp the topic better. Sit back and enjoy! English 1. Mark Blyth – Quick Introduction to Austerity; Length: 00:05:34 2. Wendy Brown on how Neoliberalism… Continue