Austerity in Theory and Reality


Calls for more cuts in state budgets in Europe have not fallen silent. Many politicians hold on to these politics despite the increasingly visible detrimental social and economic effects. The dangerous idea which has inspired these reforms is not often enough named and critically analysed: austerity. download as pdf What is Austerity? The reduction of… Continue

About crowded boats and tightened belts


In these challenging times, the European Union and the European values are being tested. As the last days, weeks and months show, many people who are forced to flee from war zones and impoverished regions of the world, who have no safe future in their home countries, are building high hopes on Europe. Numerous Europeans… Continue

We need you!


Plan your own campaign to protest against austerity. You need inspiration or an idea? No problem, here is one activity you can do: The aim of this activity is to get into touch with people in a public space such as a street or a public event and interactively discuss the effects of the Economic… Continue

#StopAusterity Radar Nr. 2


Brexit, Neoliberalism and Austerity The decision of the UK to leave the European Union has left many in shock. The fear of far-reaching political, social and economic consequences of the successful racist Brexit campaign is widespread. But why did it happen and what can we expect from the future? Frank Ey wrote a good analysis… Continue

#StopAusterity Radar Nr.1


This is the first of our #StopAusterity Radar Series where we will collect and summarize a variety of articles on the topic of austerity politics in Europe. It serves as a summary of information for those interested in critical perspectives on austerity and its social, economic and political consequences. For this #StopAusterity Radar we have… Continue

Revolution in the IMF?


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently caused much excitement when they published an article criticizing neoliberal economic politics titled “Neoliberalism: Oversold?”. In it, three economists criticize the consequences of Austerity politics and global financial openness with unfamiliar clarity. The publishing of this article is an indicator for a broader political discourse within the IMF, whose… Continue

#StopAusterity visits Brussels


‚Stop Austerity‘ is on the agenda in Brussels! In the course of our preparations for the relaunch of the #StopAusterity campaign, we spent a few days in Brussels to meet our allies. It became clear in the discussions and debates that states need more room to invest in their futures. Currently the corsets of Austerity… Continue

Understanding Austerity and Neoliberalism – Video collection


The politics of Austerity and its underlying ideology, Neoliberalism, are highly complex and sometimes difficult to understand. That’s why we put together a collection of YouTube videos to help you grasp the topic better. Sit back and enjoy! English 1. Mark Blyth – Quick Introduction to Austerity; Length: 00:05:34 2. Wendy Brown on how Neoliberalism… Continue